About Us

What is Copy Good Content?

The short of it.

Copy Good Content provides advice, tips and services to creatives, public figures and small-to-medium business owners. We help them stand out.

Really, that’s basically it!

We get what it means to go unnoticed. Be it a night owl or early riser just tinkering away on a project that you think is worth the attention of others or an entertaining creative with so many things they just want to share with millions. Nothing should stop you. But sometimes you just need that little push into the spotlight. We help you claim your piece of the pie. We help you make a difference in your life and in someone else’s. Your service, your product or just you. We aim to help you grow online and offline. No matter where you are in your brand or product building journey. Copy Good Content will serve you. Whether you’ve got next to nothing to pocket, to working with what you can afford. The goal is to help you stand out after all.

So to reiterate, in case you need a reminder. We help creatives, public figures and small-to-medium business owners connect with their audience and potential next fans. Read our posts or tune into what we’re doing here.

P.S. Check out below for our social media platforms and sign up for our newsletter club. We always send out helpful reviews, posts and tools. If you’re interested in working with us, send an email to sales@copygoodcontent.com.

Meet the Team

Zee Martinez – Digital Strategist and Designer

Is a creative digital professional experienced in online content curation, email marketing, social media and live streaming. She has technical skills with illustration, graphic design, photography, web design and development. She has 8+ years of experience helping individuals and businesses startup online.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick – Contributor

Is a published author and an outstanding freelance writer with a passion for animals. She’s mainly written articles published in canine publications and websites. She is also a book reviewer for InD’Tale Magazine. And also does voice over work for narrative and commercial work.

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