How To Launch A Freelance Copywriting Business by Jules Horne is a book that keeps on giving. From the first page, it is filled with helpful and crucial information for those who want to start their own copywriting business. Jules Horne has a knack for keeping the reader focused on the important aspects and what they should avoid. But there is also a very pragmatic approach to this book.

If you’re considering setting up a copywriting business, this book is absolutely a must have and will give you the best start possible.

There are so many other copywriting books out there and it can be difficult to find one that cuts through the stuff you don’t need and tell you what you need to know. This book is the one you want. Another positive about this book are the templates and help available online through Jules Horne’s website. It offers everything and so much more. Don’t scroll by this book, stop and click buy immediately.

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